David: CamScanner Usage at an Opposing Attoney’s Office and in Court

Application developers for smartphones and tablets now offer programs that are useful to attorneys in office practice and at trial. Recently I was in a probate hearing where we were putting a settlement on the record documenting a Rule 11 agreement (to be written later). The opposing party had a photograph that he did not want to release for the record, and I wanted a copy for myself and for my client. The opposing party showed everybody the photograph, and during the hearing, I used my smartphone (an Android) and an application called CamScanner to scan the photograph and email it to myself, my client, the opposing party’s attorney, and one of my staff members.


I’ve used CamScanner in the library, at an opposing attorney’s office, in court, when I’m with my grandchildren, at the doctor’s office, and when I see something written on the courthouse wall such as a memorandum that I cannot take down and copy. I have used it to capture text messages or emails on my client’s cell phone to use in court on a 4- by 8-foot screen (see example, left). Judges dislike it when you hand them a cell phone for them to view as evidence; so use CamScanner to capture an image, convert it to PDF, and present it from your laptop – the app is dynamite.