Kevin: CamScanner Keeps all Kevin’s Receipts, News Clipping, Certificates

I’ve been using CamScanner for quite a number of months now, and find it a brilliant little app. I’m aware there are other “scanner apps” out there, but my minimal experience of others has made me like CamScanner even more. There have been a few updates, changes, and mods with the app, to give tags, and cloud upload, and other fixes, and there are still a few small “wishes” which I would like to see on the app, but in its current state it is a VERY handy tool.


What do I use CamScanner for?? LOADS!! Newspaper clippings/articles, which perhaps I wish to retain a copy of. Simple. “Scan” the item, use the “hold bars” to get the exact area one wishes, and then save it (with CamScanner). Simple, and straightforward, and now I have a digital copy of the article to retain, print, or share to others via the many share options, which are part of the Android/CamScanner system. Certificates, letters, documents.. All so easy. Scan the document, and if it is the one page, then CamScanner normally gets the area covered, without the background. EASY. Press the button, and once again a digital copy, always to hand, always fresh.

The MAIN reason and use I have of CamScanner, is with receipts. I have got into the habit of when I buy goods, I immediately scan the receipt, so later, should I need to return the item or whatever, I can always find the receipt/proof of purchase. A whole lot easier than trying to find the ORIGINAL receipt. Just show ones SmartPhone/CamScanner image at the checkout, or even print the receipt, direct from CamScanner via CloudPrint (yes, there’s even integration with CloudPrint), and a hard copy.

With the latest release of CamScanner, it can automagically upload, and sync to their own servers. Sometimes this is quite slow, however, but maybe still in development? I tend to upload all my scanned receipts to a Dropbox created folder, simply name CamScanner Receipts. It would be even better if this could be automated by CamScanner, but no problem to simply manually hit the “Share (to Dropbox) button.