Akihiko: How to Be a Better Writer with CamScanner

Writing an article – whether it is a professional magazine article, school paper, or just a piece of blog posting, requires review and rework. At least for someone like me – not having exact idea what and how I should write in the beginning. Writing is always a journey.

Akihiko IWASA

Some technology stuffs help me to go through this journey. For example, Android camera (yes, I’m a big fun of Samsung Galaxy SIII) for taking picture of something inspirational, PC for writing and communicating with colleagues. But, one thing that digital stuff cannot support me is reviewing. I always use paper for reviewing.

You might think it’s quite old fashioned and not ecological. But, printing a draft copy gives me a moment of calmness. Looking at the printed copy always allows me to be quite objective and fresh. Reading it with a red pen in hand (and sometimes coffee) makes me a good reviewer. But, there’s only one thing that I don’t like about this analogue style; how should I share and save my handwriting correction?

CamScanner helps me out.  Just take pictures of handwritings, and converting them into PDFs. Then, I can send them to my colleagues or just save onto my Evernote storage, where many notes and favorite web articles are sorted. Of course, I can print out the PDF and resume reviewing.

Now that my writing journey is fully supported by digital stuffs and analogue stuffs, integrated by CamScanner. I personally recommend this well-organized app for everyone who loves analogue review style.